What Does Three-Fifths Rule Mean For Texas Legislature?

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! What Does Three-Fifths Rule Mean For Texas Legislature? The Texas Senate this week abolished the requirement that two-thirds of Senators must vote for a bill to be debated on the floor. Republicans can now consider a bill without a single vote from one of the chamber’s 11 Democrats. The old two-thirds rule left Republicans one vote short of bringing up controversial bills for debate. It’s now a three-fifths rule to get legislation through – just 19 Senators can now force a debate on a bill at any time. That gives Republicans controlling majority over nearly every major upcoming vote this session. “Most of us think this is about Democrats versus Republicans, and it probably is,” says Bob Stein, political science professor at Rice University. University of St. Thomas Political Science Chairman Jon Taylor agrees that this could set the stage for fights between House Speaker Joe Straus and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

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