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The Getaway is greater than a band. From bouts with cancer to overcoming being born blind, there’s very little this young band hasn’t been through and overcome to really have the possibility to live out their dreams. Phil Dunn (vocals, keys, guitar) emphasizes. Joined by Nate Staggs (drums) and Alex Wheatley (guitar, vocals), The Getaway is setting the Midwest burning with their concert events and relentless regional touring before they hit the national stage. The band’s first official release, “Everybody Wants Fame The EP”, premiered in-may of 2011. Dealing with highly acclaimed producer Mike Brown (The Maine, Switchfoot, Papa Roach, Velvet Revolver, Paramore) they’ve pieced together a five track EP that reels you within soaring pop melodies, and hooks you using the roaring guitars. Add the piano for feel and a good rhythm section, and get ready to sing along and tap the feet before last note on the EP rings out. The band happens to be touring regionally within the Midwest, and contains already written greater than a couple of new songs for his or her next release.

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The Getaway - MusicAlthough the band continues to be relatively new, they’re already making big waves and developing a sizable buzz within the spot. As veterans of the through previous projects, it will not be a long time before The Getaway finds their use moment! I grew up in a very musical family. My dad was but still is really a church choir director and my mother sang within the choir and taught piano lessons. Through the winter while i was 3, my mom and I were bored of sitting around inside with nothing to accomplish although it snowed outside. So she began teaching me piano. I began taking formal lessons a couple of years later, and before I knew it, I got playing a number of the hardest music I’ve ever played. And I was 8 yrs . old! AS I was 11, my grandfather bought me my first guitar for Christmas. I’ll remember going hom that night and learning my first chord – a G Major.

In 8th grade, I joined the institution for that Creative and Preforming Arts (SCAPA) in Lexington, KY, and inside a month I had formed auditioned for the institution musical and earned the area of the Tinman inside the Wizard of Oz. That year introduced me to being on stage, and throughout senior high school, I was atlanta divorce attorneys play and musical I possibly could audition for. I ended senior high school earning the lead because the bad-boy/rocker-wannabe Ren in Footloose, The Musical. After senior high school, I joined several bands, come up with several tours, and finally moved to LA to intern for any Militia Group, an unbiased record label. In 2008, I moved back to start out writing music again, and somehow discovered Nate and Alex. I don’t ever see myself NOT writing music with one of these fellas. They’re so talented, both at playing their instrument, and writing amazing music. I was created May, 6th 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m the youngest of three boys. My oldest brother (Michael) passed on in a vehicle accident at age only 20. I used to be about 13 yrs . old when it just happened.

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Music is definitely something I really like, obviously. It’s been in my own life through the nice times plus the bad but most of all it had been great escape within my treatments sufficient reason for the increased loss of my buddy. Music and being sick have completely changed my entire life for the higher. I really believe I’m an improved person and musician with all the current conditions that have gone on in my own life. At age 12 my parents bought me my first classical guitar. And as soon as I played my first song I knew that I needed to play in a very band of my entire life and eventually ensure it is a lifetime career. However, it could become that I’m following my dreams but in the drums. At age 16, my friends and I needed to start out a band. Fortunately, we couldn’t find anyone who could play drums therefore i went and bought my first drum kit. It’s fortunate because I knew when i played my first beat that I came across the instrument I was created to try out.

Needless to state, thankfully my guitar playing days were over. Later in my own musical career I got lucky enough to meet up my singer, phil and my guitarist, alex which are similar to brothers if you ask me now. This business will be the best musicians I’ve ever been with us and Personally i think like they challenge and better my capability to create music. I honestly don’t believe I possibly could have better dudes surrounding me and were so excited to see what the near future holds. Born blind on October 10th, 1984 my parents were told because of the doctors they weren’t sure easily can lead a standard life because of my eyesight, also to plan the worst case scenario of me being completely blind my life. Luckily, these were wrong. Gradually when i was raised my eyesight improved with age until I finally had reached the stage where I was no more legally blind.