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Legendary multi-platform sports host Dan Patrick entertains America in morning drive along with his sidekicks, “The Danettes.” The Dan Patrick Show features the most extensive A-list interviews from the world of sports entertainment, as well as its unique blend of situational comedy, breaking sports news, unparalleled insider access and pop culture commentary. Before Dan decided to build a man cave out of an abandoned dance studio, stick in cameras, drag in four motley producers off the street and create a popular radio and television show (while also hosting a little show called Football Night in America on NBC), he held several odd jobs. Patrick worked as a FM DJ, a sports broadcaster in Dayton, Ohio, and at CNN Sports. For 18 years, he helped build ESPN in many roles, most notably, co-host of SportsCenter. Patrick also hosted NBC’s Olympic coverage in 2012 in London and in 2014 in Sochi. Now, Patrick hosts the Dan Patrick Show from the man cave on Fox Sports Radio.

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The Dan Patrick Show On Fox Sports MarquetteIf we don’t learn from history, That Grrl, we’re destined to regret it. Like this one and is well written. History is misunderstood. It’s not some dusty old book at the library. It’s happening every day all around us. 7 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y. Thank you, miscellanea. Welcome to my world. 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y. There are all kinds of conspiracy theories about the World Wars, Hello, hello. But it must remembered that in WW II Japan attacked the U.S., and Hitler declared war on the U.S. Churchill did not become prime minister until May 1940 when the British and French already were outmaneuvered by the Germans. Churchill, through his speeches and his purposeful efforts to win President Roosevelt’s support was very effective in obtaining the aid he needed to stave off Hitler’s attacks. His speeches and his appearances were an inspiration, not only to the British but to most Americans.

He was the perfect example of the right man in the right place at the right time. I read your hub titled “A Land Fit for Heroes” but I remain unconvinced. I agree that war should be avoided whenever possible, but — unlike the recent “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan — World War II was unquestionably unavoidable. As promised, here I am. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your hub. To me, the only bad guys are on the top who declare war and they were just as fanatic as Hitler was. I am only talking about the war and not about the Holocaust. People suffered so much on both side. The soldiers only fought for what they believed in on both sides. Some soldiers go over the top and that again on both sides. As for Churchill I don’t think he was such a great leader. To begin with he send the whole British army to the Normandy beaches and didn’t know the German army was there.

If Hitler would have given the command the whole army would have been wiped out. I am sorry but even to little me with no idea it wasn’t a hell of disaster. Of course, afterwards on D-Day with the American Army and the world behind, of course, he wins. Churchill only won because the Armerican Army came into it. Also the Nazi had to be wiped out. Can you imagine if they won? It would have been nothing but a bloodbath. It just had to go. The other point is that they fought practically on all front and the whole world. I can’t believe how our soldiers kept it up. Regarding Churchill, read my hub ‘A Land Fit for Heroes’. I found this article in the papers and I was surprised about how fanatic he was. Propaganda has a lot to answer for on both side and it causes so much hurt and trouble.