Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Defends Guns After Santa Fe Shooting

Speaking on ABC News’ This Week on Sunday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick managed to get clear he thinks the 22 school shootings in america in 2018 can’t be blamed on guns but on violent video gaming, abortions, unarmed teachers, and too little religion in schools, among other activities. “We’ve devalued life, whether it’s through abortion, whether it’s the breakup of families, through violent movies, and particularly violent video gaming,” he told ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos. He emphasized the country’s “culture of violence,” which, he said, includes bullying on social media marketing. Stephanopoulos countered that other countries likewise have social media marketing and violent video gaming and asked in the event the lot of gun deaths in the united kingdom should instead be related to the lot of guns. “Here’s what I understand,” Patrick said in response. After Stephanopoulos pressed him again, Patrick turn off any conversation concerning the regulation and role of guns. “And here’s the truth,” he said.

Ukraine, ordered her subordinates to focus on certain Americans utilizing a Facebook content discovery platform and STATE DEPT. resources, which violated laws and government regulations. When Obama found that the Russians were attempting to hack in to the 2016 presidential election, he dismissed it, saying that it might be impossible. When Trump won, though, Democrats blamed the Russians for his victory and cast him as the Russian stooge. Hours before Trump took office, Nuland orchestrated hawaii Department’s urgent gathering of material around the Russia investigation, which she then disseminated to Democrat members of Congress, including Adam Schiff. When Trump won, Obama knew Trump wouldn’t normally only undo his agenda, but additionally expose his Trump-campaign malfeasance. To avoid the revelation, his team contrived the necessity for a particular counsel to prolong the Russian hoax. To take action, though, required a complicit Congress and Executive Branch. They might get both. A couple of days before he left office, Obama extended intelligence sharing to 17 agencies.

In July 2017 Christopher Wray replaced Comey as FBI director.

This would ensure it is impossible to cull all the Obamaites from your vast intel community. With key executive departments still stocked along with his loyalists, Obama announced he was forming a “shadow government” essentially to undercut the brand new president. Dan Coats, quite a while RINO senator and person in the global establishment, replaced James Clapper because the director of national intelligence. Coats clashed with President Trump over Russia along with other issues. The president finally was required to let him follow Coats sided using the intelligence community’s reaction to the July Trump-Zelensky telephone call. Coats and FBI Director Christopher Wray both worked with the King and Spalding lawyer (and left-leaning lobbying firm) through the Obama tenure. In July 2017 Christopher Wray replaced Comey as FBI director. Quite a while Obama Justice Department official, he never believed the Trump-Russia investigation was a “witch hunt” and denied that there is ever any Ukrainian interference together with the 2016 election. He’s got been as reluctant as his predecessor release a any FBI documents to Congress.

Curiously in 2004, Wray, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General James Comey were caught using illegal surveillance techniques the Bush administration had set up beneath the Terrorist Surveillance Program. After Mike Pompeo served briefly, Gina Gaspel, a carer bureaucrat, replaced him as CIA director. The agency was still staffed with Brennan loyalists from your National government with among their own at the very top. The never Trumper Speaker of the home Paul Ryan announced his retirement in-may 2017, but insisted on staying on from the midterm elections. His prolonged lame duck period guaranteed Democrats would regain the home within the fall. Using the Trump Russia collusion farce still fresh in the news headlines, Obamaite Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein convinced the newly-approved Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had met with the Russian ambassador, to recuse himself from any ongoing investigation in to the matter. This enabled Rosenstein to assume leadership from the DOJ.