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A letter from Lt. Regarding “Former lawmakers oppose rule change,” (A17, Feb. 12): Recently five former state senators wrote on these pages disagreeing with my comments indicating I’d support a straightforward majority vote determining what bills arrived at the floor inside the Texas Senate throughout a regular session. In 2015, the Texas Senate voted to improve the required amount of votes had a need to bring a bill to the ground from two-thirds (21 votes) to three-fifths (19 votes). Before 2015, Democrats had used the 21-vote requirement to block any bill they didn’t like. Founding father James Madison once said a two-thirds vote in Congress would result in the tyranny of this minority and that’s what happened in Texas. It required former Gov. Rick Perry to call 12 special sessions to pass legislation that has been supported by nearly all Texas senators and Texas voters. In a particular session, rules allow only a simple majority to create a bill to the ground and pass it. These former senators appear to have forgotten just how many special sessions we’d during Perry’s tenure.

Dan Patrick Texas

Seahawks vs 49ers - Week 7 2015 - 동영상The senators vote on the guidelines at the start of every legislative session and ultimately, they’ll decide if we adopt majority rule – a bedrock principle of democracy – within the Texas Senate. My position is clear: I really do not believe an arbitrary parliamentary rule should ever stop us from moving plans forward which has the support in the conservative majority in Texas. Regarding “We’re sorry for what we did,” (A1, Feb. 14): Has anyone asked Jim Crane plus the Astros to reimburse the town of Houston for the expense of the 2017 World Series parade? That might be a far more meaningful apology. Regarding “Apology analysts blast ‘horrible performance,’” (A1, Feb. 14): When our kids were small, I taught them in early stages the difference between “It broke” and “I broke it.” The ball didn’t hurl itself from the window. The automobile didn’t back itself in to the mailbox. Bad stuff happens, however when it can, begin your explanation and apology with the correct pronoun: I. Apparently this is a lesson I will be teaching Jim Crane. “I wish to say how sorry we is good for what happened” isn’t an apology.

The cheating didn’t eventually the Astros. The cheating was done by the Astros. So when I did so with my small kids, I’ve put the complete team with time out for an indefinite period. Regarding “Coronavirus puts Asians within the xenophobia crosshairs,” (A15, Feb. 6): Being an Asian American senior high school student at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, I’ve experienced plenty of joking around concerning the coronavirus among my peers. Recently there is a rumor spreading around social media marketing about a worker in the Jusgo Supermarket close to my school being “infected,” also it hasn’t really impacted me an excessive amount of because I’m pretty thick skinned with regards to jokes about my race. However, that is probably severely impacting Jusgo’s income and ultimately is really a much bigger issue than what my classmates joke about. Our school can be right in the center of Chinatown (where there are a great number of Asian inhabitants usually walking or shopping in exactly the same stores the students do), so students certainly are a little paranoid despite the fact that we’re positively safe.

Second-round pick Drew Lock, who flashed in his late-season cameo, has given Broncos fans hope, and he’ll get every possibility to start all 16 games in 2020. So let’s help him out and present him the draft’s fastest pass-catcher to pair with Courtland Sutton, who appears like he is actually a future superstar. Ruggs took a step of progress being a route runner this year, but his game is focused on speed — he is able to run by any defensive back. I also considered cornerback here, especially with veteran Chris Harris Jr. hitting free agency. There might also be considered a hole at safety when the Broncos get priced from Justin Simmons’ looming free-agent payday. The Falcons ended the growing season with four straight wins, saving Dan Quinn’s job. Quinn, though, continues to be around the hot seat, and he needs a lot more away from his defense in 2020. It will get yourself a boost in the return of safety Keanu Neal, who may have played in mere four games days gone by two seasons, but it addittionally might use an overhaul across the defensive line.