Gunman In Texas Church, Victims Identified As Local Men

Dec 30 (Reuters) – The gunman who opened fire within a Texas church on Sunday, killing two before being shot dead by parishioners, was defined as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, who lived in the nearby town of River Oaks, state officials said on Monday. His two victims killed at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, were defined as Anton Wallace, 64, of Fort Worth and Richard White, 67, also of River Oaks, the Texas Department of Public Safety said. Texas Department of Public Safety said in a very statement. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told reporters on Monday the shooter have been for the church many times before and may have already been mentally ill, but authorities were still investigating a possible motive. Local TV station NBC DFW, citing unidentified police sources, said Kinnunen had a criminal history that included charges of aggravated assault having a deadly weapon in ’09 2009. A Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman didn’t immediately concur that. The Fort Worth Fire Department said three people, like the suspected shooter, were transported from scene in critical condition on Sunday.

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Gunman In Texas Church, Victims Identified As Local MenTwo, like the suspect, died on the way to a healthcare facility, said Macara Trusty, a spokeswoman for local emergency services provider MedStar, said in a very phone interview. The 3rd died later, the Dallas Morning News reported. Two more folks sustained minor injuries because they ducked for cover in the church, Trusty said. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick praised the church’s volunteer security guards when planning on taking down the shooter. Among the two guards said in the Facebook post he was acting against evil. Patrick said a fresh state law allowing concealed carry in places of worship enabled the parishioners to avoid the gunman. Regulations, which took effect in September, was passed inside the wake of an shooting at the initial Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in 2017 that left 26 dead. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praised regulations and encouraged other states to permit citizens to transport concealed weapons for defense in case there is active shooters. Gun control advocates plus some religious leaders have criticized such laws, arguing that weapons haven’t any invest houses of worship.

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