Celebrity Beach Bowl is really a flag football game played by different celebrities of america. This game may be conducted by DIRECTV since 2007 with different sponsorships. DIRECTV may be the creator with the Celebrity Beach Bowl. And in accordance with DIRECTV this creation is really a solution to celebrate DIRECTV’s dominance in TV sports broadcasts. The Celebrity Beach Bowl is really a special DIRECTV broadcast for his or her subscribers and sports fans. This short article provides brief note with this game. The Celebrity Beach Bowl game is exclusively delivered within the 101 network of DIRECTV. This game is held through the Super Bowl week in america. Super Bowl may be the championship game of National Football League, the best degree of American football in america. The overall game is were only available in the first months of each year. The main offer on the Celebrity Beach Bowl games is that there surely is no entry fee required. The admission is free for public.

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Subscribers can observe every moment of the game exclusively for the 101 Network of DIRECTV. The overall game is held in various locations each year. For example, for the entire year 2010, the Celebrity Beach Bowl occurred in Miami Beach( Florida, Washington Ave) on February 6th. Popular celebrities namely Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Lautner, Marisa Miller, Chace Crawford participated in the overall game. Aside from them, many sports stars including NFL greats Rich Gannon, Merril Hoge, Deryl Johnston, Desmond Howard, Eddie George, La’ Roi Glover and so many more. The overall game, hosted by Dan Patrick was accompanied by a concert featuring The All American Rejects, presented by Palladia. Alternatively, for the entire year 2011, the fifth annual Celebrity Beach Bowl game will undoubtedly be held with the Victory Park in Dallas, Texas. The overall game will undoubtedly be kicked off on February 5th, 2011. Popular celebrity stars from movie and sports world take part in this game and got high attention from people. Extensive broadcast of the game is rendered by DIRECTV alongside pre-game show, the primary game, the post game concert, interviews of different stars etc.

The excitement of the overall game and trophy presentation is definitely accompanied by a live music concert. Thus giving good finishing to the complete enjoyment of the overall game. For the entire year, 2011, the music concert will undoubtedly be performed by the favorite Grammy Award-winning music band called Maroon 5. Subscribers of DIRECTV can access the live coverage of the overall game along with the concert in the 101 Network of DIRECTV. Subscribers of DIRECTV can enjoy all moments from the Celebrity Beach Bowl around the 101 Network. The broadcasts mainly are the pre-game show, the primary game broadcast accompanied by the concert. Also subscribers can observe some exclusive interviews of different celebrities. Thus, it could be clearly assessed that subscribers of DIRECTV can enjoy watching the exclusive broadcasts of this Celebrity Beach Bowl on the TVs. DIRECTV is undoubtedly the first choice of sports sprogramming in america. The DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl game and its own broadcast can be an addition to the fantastic sports coverage supplied by DIRECTV. This is a matter of proven fact that aside from celebrity Beach Bowl, DIRECTV delivers several exclusive sports programs. The prominent included in this may be the NFL Sunday Ticket package which DIRECTV may be the sole provider in the complete USA.

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