An Anthology REGARDING Donald J. Trump’s Presidency (updated 1-8-2020)

科比·布莱恩特1/8/2020 – Following the attack, Trump spoke to the country backing down from his risk of additional military responses if Iran hit our infrastructure or harmed Americans. Instead, he threatened more sanctions to deescalate the tensions. 1/8/2020 – Iran attacked two air bases in Iraq in retaliation for Trump killing, or assassinating (based on whether there is imminent danger) their top general, Soleimani, without casualties. Trump spoke to the country backing down from his threat to help expand attack Iran should they hit our infrastructure or harmed Americans. 1/2/2020 – Donald Trump ordered the killing the commander of Iran’s Quds forces, the next most effective man in Iran, General Qasem Soleimani. Normally, that is an act of war much like if Iran had assassinated our Joint Chief of Staff General Milley. The problem of if it had been revolves around whether Soliemani himself posed an “imminent” threat to America and this taking him out would stop or delay the impending attack. 12/19/19 – Speaker Pelosi made a decision to not transfer the articles of impeachment towards the Senate until they are able to show the trial will undoubtedly be fair.

Tulsa Gabbard voted present.

An Anthology REGARDING Donald J. Trump's Presidency (updated 1-8-2020)12/18/19 – THE HOME cast a bipartisan vote (in the event that you count the main one independent-former Republican) to impeach Donald Trump for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. He could be only the next elected president (Andrew Johnson wasn’t elected) to suffer this type of fate (Clinton was another one). Two Democrats (one is currently a Republican) voted No to each article and something Rep. Tulsa Gabbard voted present. 12/13/19 – THE HOME Judiciary Committee voted out two articles of impeachment: Abuse of Power, for bribing the President of Ukraine and Obstruction of Congress. This makes Trump just the 3rd president inside our history for being so dishonored. The entire House will vote to impeach him on Wednesday. On a single day, Giuliani turns up on the White Home with documents from corrupt Ukrainian officials and former KGB agents he claims “prove” the BIdens did something amiss. 11/21/19 – THE HOME investigation phase into Trump’s actions in supporting critical Ukrainian aid until they investigate his political rival, Joe Biden has wound down.

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They will now give a are accountable to the Judiciary Committee to allow them to begin choosing impeachment articles. 11/18/19 – Trump reverses decades of American opposition to Israeli building settlements in the West Bank. He’s got decided it really is OK for Israel to invade that territory. 10/17/19 – Mick Mulvaney, in the press conference, verified that Trump did order the withholding of military aid to Ukraine to be able to pressure them to research the long debunked theory that Ukraine possesses the DNC server that your Russian’s hacked through the 2016 election to be able to prove that Russia didn’t take action. 10/10/19 – The White House confirms the 3rd part of the whistleblower’s allegations that Trump’s conversation together with the Ukraine president was positioned on an extremely classified server to safeguard the political content. 9/25/19 – Trump releases a listing of his conversation with all the Ukraine president which basically substantiates the initial two allegations created by the whistleblower.

9/20/19 – A CIA whistleblower complaint has blown the lid of Washington. It alleges that 1) Trump had a call with the brand new president with the Ukraine in July where he pressured him to find out dirt over a political opponent, Joe Biden, 2) used withholding foreign aid as leverage, and 3) illegally hid the conversation in an extremely classified server where these details isn’t allowed. 8/23/19 – After China retaliated to Trump’s latest round of tariff increases, he “hereby orders” American private companies to effectively stop doing any business with China. 7/28/19 – After viciously attacking four congresswomen of color, telling them “to return to where they originated from” (all were U.S. U.S., another came at 13), Trump goes after congressman Elijah Cummings, head of the home Oversight Committee that is wanting to investigate him; he also savagely attacked his home city of Baltimore. He said of Cummings he is “racist”, when plus its Trump who’s being racist. 7/11/19 – Over the Rose Garden, Trump quit on attempting to put in a Citizenship Question towards the 2020 main census.