The Dan Patrick Show Is Moving To YouTube

The Dan Patrick Show Is Moving To YouTube

The Dan Patrick Show is on the move again, this time to YouTube, as AT&T will close Audience Network. Dan’s final show on Audience will be Friday with the first DP Show on YouTube happening Monday, March 2 on the Dan Patrick Show channel. So to recap, the last year has been pretty wild for Dan, 63, and the crew. They left NBCSN on March 1, 2019, went to Audience Network, opened the new studio and now DP has been sent packing by AT&T, which continues its slide into cable TV obscurity as people keep cutting cords. UVerse has now cut NFL Network, Red Zone and the DP Show in about eight months. AT&T lost four million video customers in 2019, including nearly a million from Directv & UVerse. This DP Show news might’ve crushed people back in the day when phones flipped to open, but it’s 2020 and you don’t see Dan worrying too much about the show production. Have to assume he enjoyed the check from AT&T. I’ve said it dozens of times to Mrs. BC, if I didn’t need to have rewind/pause/fast forward functions that I use on cable boxes, I’d drop UVerse.

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DP Show Debate: Why Does the Weatherman Always Get a Pass?? - The Dan Patrick Show - 1/11/19 - 동영상The other thing I’m not a big fan of is the delay in switching channels in Hulu when I tested it. I need fast response times, especially when I’m trying to watch multiple college football games. Maybe there’s a solution to that I’m not hearing about. What’s crystal clear is that cable subscribers will absolutely be dinosaurs in five years. Good luck to those out there who don’t have dependable Internet when ESPN moves all of its big games to apps. That’s not by accident. Disney also had 30.4 million Hulu customers and 6.6 million ESPN Plus subscribers as of Dec. 28, big gains for both from a year ago. At 55 million, by the way, the number of cable and satellite subscribers would have declined by nearly half since the peak in 2011. That’s wild to see. The only thing holding the cable and satellite bundle together right now is sports.

In college and high school he could win reps off talent alone. On tape, hell pop up out of his stance and be quick to give up leverage — something that even showed up in his 40-yard dash — and his 8.22 seconds was nearly historically bad to the point where you know an athlete of his caliber would only put up that kind of number if he didnt really focus on his training for it. When Brown gets to the NFL, he will be truly challenged for the first time in his football career — thats also a testament to just how good he is. Because of this, he might “struggle” in his first year or so because he wont have the repeated technique to fall back on. If he puts his head down and focuses on that, I have no worries hell be worth a top-10 pick. At the combine podium sessions, Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that if his quarterback, Kyler Murray, was the one making the pick, CeeDee Lamb would be his choice at No. 8 overall. Well, he may not be making the pick, but that pick could still come true.

Lamb wasnt the best athlete from the wide receiver group, but we knew that was going to be the case, and once he got on the field for the drills, he reminded us why hes still considered WR1 by many. Javon Kinlaw did not work out at the combine due to knee tendinitis. This was something Kinlaw may have been battling with all season, and it was something that forced him to miss the final day of practice at the Senior Bowl. But, like Young, Kinlaw didnt have to prove anything this week. The tape says it all, and it says that Kinlaw is a monster in the middle who would help the Jacksonville Jaguars front seven in run defense and pass rush. There are good combines, there are great combines, there are historic combines and then theres whatever the heck Tristan Wirfs did. At 6-foot-5-inches and 320 pounds, Wirfs ran a 4.85-second 40-yard dash and jumped 36.5 inches in the vertical and 10-feet 1-inch in the broad. All of his scores were in the 99th percentile.