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Fred Guttenberg, the daddy of slain Parkland student Jamie Guttenberg, on Sunday blasted Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for offering answers to school shootings that didn’t include any kind of gun safety precautions. Within an interview with Patrick on ABC’s This Week, the lt. God would help Texas withstand school shootings. “It really is their faith within their fellow man, it really is their faith in God which is Texas coming together and standing strong,” Patrick opined. “No one having a gun will head into a school or somewhere else and bring our state to your knees. Guttenberg, who appeared following the lt. “I believe those will be the most idiotic comments I’ve have you ever heard regarding gun safety,” Guttenberg said. “I want to be clear, he ought to be taken off office for his failure from what to safeguard the citizens of Texas. The daddy in the 14-year-old victim noted he had participated in recent protests contrary to the NRA convention in Dallas. “The highlight item at their convention is really a gun that folds around look like cellular phone! Taking another swipe at Patrick, Guttenberg added: “Those are idiotic comments. I’m raging at this time. I’m here this weekend at that which was said to be my daughter’s dance recital, where they’re honoring my daughter’s memory rather than having my daughter dance.

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Grade: D: Ramirez is a nice pick, although Mets didn’t get a lot of anything from some of their other top picks. The majority of New York’s selections that didn’t retire haven’t played above the reduced minors yet. There just was not a lot of anything showing. Review: Oakland didn’t sign Alex Faedo or Jacob Pearson, passing up on talent early inside the draft. Faedo hasn’t turn into a starter, but he is actually a closer, and Dudley appears like a starting Center Fielder. Brandon Dudley is taking a long time to build up, and was not worth a roster spot above High A, but consensus is he could play in the majors as another division Left Fielder would you a small amount of everything well. Oakland took a set of players making use of their fourth and sixth rounders that appear to be terrific picks because of their spots. The sixth rounder, Tristan Gray, has seen a season . 5 of PBA action already and played well.

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He’s slotted in every on the infield and shown an excellent ability to obtain the bat on your golf ball, with an increase of power than was expected. At worst he’s a team’s best utility infielder and will be offering a huge amount of flexibility. Fourth round pick Noah Campbell hasn’t stated in the top leagues yet, but he should in the years ahead. He was just named the 94th best prospect in baseball this past year, and is a superb base stealer and defensive middle infielder. He’s only 23 and tore in the mid-minors and high-minors, and he can hold their own while using bat. Hardly any of Oakland’s late round picks have retired, so there’s still opportunities to squeeze value in the later picks. Jonathan Windham will be the best of this lot, as being a Third Baseman with a good bat plus some good pop. Grade: C-: While Oakland gets an F for not getting anything out of these first two picks, they get A’s for Campbell and Gray.

It takes awhile to get an outfielder picked after Dudley who have produced, which helps that pick in context. Review: Philadelphia made some excellent selections at the first rounds of these draft. Adam Haseley has won a Gold Glove already, and was on pace for an enormous season this past year before injuries derailed him. He hit .274 with 42 doubles 2 yrs ago, and will improve on the common and transform the doubles into home runs. While Wil Crowe retired prior to making it towards the majors, Cobi Johnson has already established a good major league career up to now, winning Rookie of the entire year in 2021. He’s got impeccable command, keeps the ball inside the park, and contains emerged as the workhorse, throwing 203.1 innings last season. Chace Sarchet hasn’t exercised, but Philadelphia won the trade that netted them the pick. Shin-soo Choo had several decent years for any Phillies like a low-average, big-power outfielder, and Cole Ragans could turn into a terrific relief arm in the years ahead.