THE FINAL Supper PLUS THE Holy Grail

photo: scott patrick green / netflixThe Last Supper may be the second most well-known painting that Leonardo Da Vinci painted following the Mona Lisa. THE FINAL Supper is truly a mural painting that’s on the walls with the dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie, a church within the Milan region of Italy. The painting is huge in proportions measuring 4.6 metres by 8.8 metres. THE FINAL Supper became a prominent figure in the ULTIMATE GOAL myth with all the publishing of the greatest selling novel the “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. Inside the story by Dan Brown, Leonardo Da Vinci is thought to have already been a Grand Master inside the Priory of Sion who protect the trick that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene plus they bore a daughter named Sarah so are there folks of Jesus family lineage alive today. In addition the novel continued to state that Leonardo hid coded messages of this Priory of Sion along with the Holy Grail in the last Supper painting.

While we can not actually say that is true I’ll demonstrate the coded messages that lots of people make reference to when considering his mural. Please be aware that that is an unbiased explanation and I really do not agree or disagree these are coded message but do feel it adds an air of mystery to the wonderful painting. The initial message is the fact that left of Jesus the Apostle of St. John is suppsed to become sitting. Now usually in virtually any “Last Supper” paintings St. John is definitely leaning towards or resting his at once Jesus. The explanation for this is he may be the youngest & most loyal of all Apostles. In Leonardo Da Vinci’s version of the final supper this isn’t the truth in the event the coded message is usually to be believed. The coded message is usually that the figure on the left of Jesus as you may go through the painting isn’t only leaning away but can be female.

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This, if true is meant to signify that it’s Mary Magdalene (his wife who he bore children with in the Da Vinci Code) not St. John. An additional check out the painting demonstrates the positioning of Jesus as well as the image that’s reportedly Mary actually makes the letter M, again that is to signify M for Mary Magdalene. In addition their positioning also produces the ancient symbols for man and woman, a triangle and and ugly triangle. Another hidden code is that of St. Peter. The code is supposedly the Apostles didn’t just like the proven fact that Jesus was with Mary and gave her more attention (something mentioned inside the Nostic Gospels). Another coded message was that should you take the mirror image of the final supper and impose it on the initial you can view a Templar Knight appear on the left hand side, St. Phillip holding a child plus a Chalice come in front of Jesus.

This message was supposedly found by someone called Slavisa Pesci, although it might seem correct these images do appear it might be interesting to observe how Leonardo may have replicated this himself minus the aid of some type of computer and Photoshop. An Italian musician named Giovanni Maria Pala has said he believes the hidden code for being that of music. Giovanni Maria Pala believes that the positioning with the hands and loaves of bread up for grabs, if read to left, actually form the notes of your muscial staff. Investigations show that there surely is small or even no chance that Leonardo was actually a Grandmaster with the Priory of Sion, actually the Priory might not even exist. This fact implies that any code seen in the painting in the “Last Supper” is most likely just from your imagination in the onlooker. Whether there’s a code resulting in the myth in the ULTIMATE GOAL or not there’s a very important factor everyone can acknowledge, this huge mural is really a beautiful painting that everyone should enjoy for what it really is, an excellent depiction of Jesus last supper along with his Apostles and Disciples.