The 12 Days Of Burgundy, Day 3: Some Quality Time With Dan Patrick

On the third day of Christmas, Will Ferrell gave to me, some sports calls and donuts on the street! The countdown to the much anticipated debut of Anchorman: The Legend Continues is getting closer, and it seems that all of pop-culture is overflowing with the antics of San Diego’s finest news team. Anchorman: The Legend Continues won’t be released in theaters until December 18th (16th in some places), so until then, forget The 12 Days Of Christmas – We’re staying classy for The 12 Days of Burgundy! KVWN Channel 4 News legendary anchor Ron Burgundy made a special appearance as a guest-host for NBC Sports Network’s The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday. Ron came to town (Milford, CT) in a manner not unlike Santa, except instead of presents, he brought with him Dunkin’ Donuts and a 40, catching the attention of a couple of townies who immediately posted pictures of the surprising occasion.

During his two hours with Dan Patrick, Ron decided to show how he believed the “Stat Of The Day” theme song should sound, recreate some historic sports calls, give NFL Network’s Rich Eisen some advice, and ask the new USC head football coach, Steve Sarkisian, some difficult questions. Needless to say, Burgundy had everyone on the show and listening clutching their sides with his antics. Your browser does not support iframes. Perhaps it’s just the spirit of the season, or maybe we’re also falling prey to Burgundy’s mysterious mind-control, but somehow Ron Burgundy has invaded The Laugh Button too. Who can blame us? I mean, 60% of the time, Ron’s techniques as a car salesman work, every time! Not to mention how his interview with Eminem at the EMAs put us all into a glass case of emotion! His newscast on the Yahoo! Search Report of 2013 was so wise, like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair. And we can’t forget about Brick Tamland, who’s audition got us all to love lamp. But if you still find yourself wondering why it seems the whole world is seeing burgundy, you can check out Ron’s legendary new book, Let Me Off At The Top! But before you finally get away from the rock you live under to come and see how good Ron looks, just remember his number 1 tip for survival in the real world: Milk is a bad choice. There’s still 9 Days Of Burgundy to go, so until tomorrow: You stay classy, Planet Earth.

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Dan Patrick goes off the rails partnering with the Family Research Council, a known anti-LGBT hate group to promote SB6 the Texas transgender bathroom bill. We know it’s going to be a tough fight,” Patrick said at a Capitol news conference while introducing SB6 a “Women’s Privacy Act” declaring it a ‘bipartisan’ effort supported by all. Patrick knew SB6 was doomed if it appeared to target transgender people as it has been long established that we pose no threat in bathrooms. “Transgender people have been going into restrooms for a long time and there hasn’t been an issue that I know of.” Patrick said rebranding the bathroom bill the “women’s privacy act” to dubious Texas Business leaders. Patricks is revealing his transphobic and homophobic nature by partnering with this known hate group. Patrick is blowing the dog whistle hoping for a transphobic redux of the Houston HERO debacle. Incredibly, the FRC campaign which featured Patrick is called “Good for Business! While Dan Patrick’s appearance in begins midway the entire video is well worth watching.

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Despite their best efforts it clearly illustrates that bigots like Patrick initiated this attack against trans people and weren’t aware of us until after they lost the marriage equality battle. They now see this as the first step in demonizing the entire LGBT community, passage of enhanced religious freedom leading to an eventual overturning of Obergefell v. Hodges. A lot has happened since Dan Patrick introduced SB6. It has since been condemned by top Texas Lawmen teachers, Business, collegiate and professional sports, travel, media, technology, medical, entertainment and hospitality industries. Texas House Speaker Joe Straus slammed SB6 “friviouls unneessary and silly” comparing it to a bill making a cannon the official gun of Texas. Kelli Busey an outspoken gonzo style journalist has been writing since 2007. In 2008, she brought the Dallas Advocate on-line and has articles published by the Reconciling Ministries Network, The Transsexual Menace, The Daily Kos, Frock Magazine the TransAdvocate, the Dallas Voice and The Advocate.