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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick skipped the initial day in the Texas Legislature on Tuesday to stay Washington, D.C., for meetings with the White House as President Donald Trump ready to address the country in the televised speech. “He was called because of the White House for a significant meeting in Washington today to go over conditions that are critical to Texas,” State Sen. Jane Nelson told the Texas Senate as she gavelled inside the session. Nelson’s announcement came hours before President Trump planned to handle the country. Patrick continues to be among Trump’s most trusted political allies in Texas and led his presidential campaign effort within the Lone Star State. After Trump’s speech on Tuesday, Patrick praised the president and said he’d happen to be McAllen to accompany the president for the border on Thursday. “I got in Washington today dealing with the president’s team on his historic first address to the country in the Oval Office and I’m focused on doing everything I could to greatly help the president end this crisis,” Patrick said in a very statement towards the media late Tuesday. Patrick, a Republican from Montgomery County, would normally preside on the Texas Senate on opening day, among the key official duties in the lieutenant governor’s office, based on the Texas Constitution. While Patrick is missing the initial day, he could be not missing any key votes. The initial day in the session is normally reserved for ceremonial addresses plus the swearing in of new members on the Senate.

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Others on Fox began making similar comments. On Monday morning, Laura Ingraham tweeted: “Doctors provide treatment and cures – they ought to not function as determinative voices in policymaking now or by the end of 15 days. … In a single week we have to be heading back again to work, school, stores, restaurants and churches with new protocols set up. The commentary represents at the very least the 3rd stanza in what has sometimes were a feedback loop between Trump plus some of his favorite TV hosts. In the initial stage, Ingraham, Hannity, Lou Dobbs and weekend pundit Jeanine Pirro cast criticism of Trump’s handling with the virus’ outbreak like a conspiracy by Democratic officials and members of the news headlines media to undermine his reelection chances. In addition they minimized the impact of the herpes virus, which could have got a potentially disastrous influence on higher-risk groups such as for example the elderly – coincidentally, probably the most loyal cohort of Fox viewers. Nielsen Media Research says the median age of its viewers is 67, slightly younger than MSNBC and somewhat more than CNN.

The planet will once more benefit greatly from America’s leadership.

Fox & Friends’ co-host Ainsley Earhardt, for instance, observed on March 13 that it had been “the safest time and energy to fly” because airports and flights had become less crowded. Actually, health experts said it had been risky to fly due to the threat of infection. Up to now, neither Fox nor the network’s hosts have apologized for, clarified or retracted some of their earlier statements. But, in the next stage, Fox’s most prominent figures had an instant change of heart after Trump declared circumstances of emergency on March 13, acknowledging the fact that pandemic may have devastating health insurance and economic consequences. “Tonight, we have been witnessing exactly what will be considered a massive paradigm shift in the foreseeable future of disease control and prevention,” Hannity said on his program that evening, describing the pandemic as “an emergency.” “A bold, new precedent has been set. The planet will once more benefit greatly from America’s leadership. Another message appears to have germinated on Sunday with Hilton’s monologue.

On his program Monday, Tucker Carlson, who previously had warned on the virus’s severity, agreed with Trump’s new, less-restrictive view. “You can’t just let epidemiologists operate a country greater than 320 million people,” Carlson said, arguing that it had been important to look for a balance between fighting the herpes virus and keeping the economy going. He later interviewed Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick , who said he’d rather risk his life than see continued controls damage the economy. He said he believed “plenty of grandparents” would trust him. “My message: Let’s make contact with work, let’s make contact with living, let’s be smart about any of it, and those folks that are 70-plus, we’ll look after ourselves,” said Patrick, who’s 69. “Don’t sacrifice the united states. Patrick asked whether older persons were “ready to have a chance on your own survival in trade for keeping the America that America loves for the children and grandchildren. The message was reinforced Tuesday morning on “F0x & Friends,” where Fox medical correspondent Marc Siegel, a physician, suggested there have been “moderate” means of handling the crisis. “Imagine if you can find no cases using states? ” he asked, although every state is currently handling infections. “Imagine if it’s suprisingly low? Maybe there’s a solution to test, to focus on, to isolate and to possess more-moderate means of approaching it in areas that aren’t yet affected. And, needless to say, restrict travel in one area which has a large amount of it to 1 that doesn’t. Co-host Brian Kilmeade replied that the problem had divided experts. “You could have economists using one side, health officials on another,” he said.