Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Plans To Protect The Senate From Democrats

Dan Patrick, protector with the Texas Senate, is ready to rewrite among the chamber’s oldest rules for the next time in significantly less than ten years. Patrick, a die-hard supporter of President Donald Trump. There have been several laughs within the audience, but Patrick wasn’t joking. Texas voters elected Patrick in 2014. One of is own first priorities because the leader in the Senate was to dump the chamber’s longstanding two-thirds rule, which required two-thirds from the state’s senators – 21 out from 31 – to sign off on the bill before it moved to the Senate floor. Patrick and his allies changed the rule for the three-fifths rule, and therefore Patrick needed only 19 votes to go a bill forward. When Patrick made the change, it seemed unlikely that Democrats would regain the capability to stop the lieutenant governor’s steamroller any time in the future. That changed following the 2018 election, when voters in Dallas and Tarrant counties ousted Republican incumbents. Engaging with this readers is vital for the Observer’s mission. Create a financial contribution or join a newsletter, and help us keep telling Dallas’s stories without paywalls. Patrick said, supplying a sentiment that Hillary Clinton surely will abide by. Two months prior to the 2018 election, the Observer talked with Rice University political scientist Mark Jones concerning the consequences for Patrick, if he were forced to lead an inferior Republican Senate caucus. The largest issue Patrick would face, Jones said, was a matter of perception.

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