Watch: Matt Harvey Apologizes To Dan Patrick For Wednesday’s Awkward Interview – Sports Illustrated

On Wednesday morning, injured Mets pitcher Matt Harvey appeared for the Dan Patrick Show to market a fresh service for wireless server Qualcomm. What Harvey didn’t grasp is the fact to make his plug he’d be likely to first discuss things Patrick, who’s also a Sports Illustrated senior writer, wished to discuss, especially the health of Harvey’s injured arm and his decision, stemming from the visit with Dr. James Andrew on Monday, to endure 8 weeks of rehab so that they can avoid Tommy John surgery. Being fair, Harvey did answer three “off topic” questions from Patrick, one of these about his injury, before suddenly derailing things with, “but today I’m here discussing Qualcomm.” Harvey clearly mishandled the interview, telling Patrick, “I did so those answers yesterday,” prior to trying to steer things back again to his promotion, then rambling for one minute . 5 about Qualcomm following a clearly annoyed Patrick told him to go on and make his pitch.

Patrick immediately let his feelings about Harvey’s conduct recognized to his audience following the five-minute interview concluded plus the interview, which you are able to watch in every of its cringe-worthy glory alongside Patrick’s response below, became a hot topic on Wednesday afternoon. Patrick attemptedto contact Harvey on Wednesday afternoon to clear air, also to Harvey’s credit, he called the show back Thursday morning and spent the majority of his first two minutes for the air apologizing, though he did log off to a awkward begin by saying he “didn’t mean to create Qualcomm sound bad,” and he gave Patrick the interview he previously wanted Wednesday morning. Harvey later said, adding he “lost tabs on” the truth that the fitness of his arm was a significant story that Patrick would like to talk about which his listeners would like to hear about. Harvey, who decided to send Patrick an autographed x-ray of his arm for Patrick’s TGI Fridays-inspired studio. Ironically, assuming they sign up to the fact that any publicity is good publicity, Harvey’s initial interview with Patrick cannot have gone better for Qualcomm, which got its message out to a lot more people than pay attention to an average Dan Patrick Show. In the end, at this time I’m authoring Qualcomm, you’re reading about Qualcomm, and by the finish of the sentence, you should have browse the word “Qualcomm” eight times in this specific article alone, not counting your additional contact with the company and its own products in the event that you watched the original interview above.

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