Pictured: Retired Hero Cop Who Confronted Santa Fe School Shooter

A retired Houston police detective may be named because the hero who confronted a gunman who had opened fire at the Texas senior high school on Friday morning. Police said John Barnes was inside Santa Fe SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL once the shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, stormed into a skill class and began firing at students and teachers. Barnes, 49, quickly jumped into action confronting the gunman. Authorities said the married father was shot in top of the arm through the confrontation and was dragged to safety by Santa Fe police chief Art Acevedo. Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick said throughout a news conference on Friday that Acevedo would the institution when gunfire erupted. Acevedo pulled a wounded Barnes from the shooter as he exposed in the suspect. Barnes was shot in top of the arm and transported to a healthcare facility by Life Flight. He could be in critical condition. Specific information on Barnes’ interaction with Pagourtzis is not revealed.

Barnes, who’s being hailed a hero, was critically wounded through the shooting and was transported to University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston by Life Flight. By Friday afternoon, he was still inside the operating room. Went in around 9.20am and have been there since,’ reporter Natalie Hee tweeted. Hospital staff said Barnes lost plenty of blood and needed to be resuscitated prior to going into surgery. Doctors said these were unsure just how long he would maintain the operating room. Just left @utmbhealth Galveston. With respect to @SantaFeISD OFFICER John Barnes family, many thanks for the prayers. John is hanging within & the household is quite hopeful. They desire to have more information released shortly,’ Acevedo wrote on Twitter. Barnes retired from your Houston Police Department just four months ago. He started working to be a resource officer with Santa Fe Independent School District 1 day after leaving the Houston department.

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According to Click 2 Houston, Barnes started as being a jailer while using Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office in 1991. The next year he was appointed a peace officer along with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. Acevedo said Barnes is well known for his tireless work in Houston Crimes Against Children task force. 10 other folks, including Barnes, were injured through the Friday morning rampage. Police said Pagourtzis stormed right into a first-period art class and yelled ‘Surprise’ while brandishing his farther’s shotgun and pistol. Today, our community suffered an awful tragedy at Santa Fe SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Barnes is among 10 people injured inside the massacre. He could be thought to have suffered probably the most critical injuries. Eight students and two teacher were killed within the shooting when Pagourtzis, a junior at the institution, stormed right into a first-period art class and yelled ‘Surprise’ while brandishing his father’s shotgun and pistol. The teen, clad in the ‘Born to Kill’ t-shirt, then opened fire gunning down ten people. He later surrendered when faced with police, who say he backed from his original intend to commit suicide by the end on the massacre, however, not before planting explosives round the school.

Police subsequently released a mugshot of dead-eyed Pagourtzis who’s being held without bond within the Galveston County jail on charges of capital murder and aggravated assault of an peace officer. Officials may also be questioning two other students who have been detained following the shooting. They will have not been named. Police are actually trying to patch together what motive ‘quiet’ Pagourtzis had to carry out the shooting, the 22nd school shooting in 2018 alone. On his now-deleted Facebook page, Pagourtzis shared an image of your black T-shirt with what ‘Born to Kill’ printed over the front on April 30. The suspect is thought to have already been wearing exactly the same shirt and combat-style boots when undertaking the massacre. Weekly prior, an image showing a handgun as well as a knife appeared by using an Instagram account connected with Pagourtzis. The page has since been removed. Students at Santa Fe High told NBC News that Pagourtzis wore a trenchcoat to school each day.

Severin said the teen had allegedly been picked on by football coaches ‘for smelling bad’,’ and he described Pagourtzis as somebody who kept to himself. Pagourtzis was an associate of this school’s junior varsity football team and danced having a locla Greek Orthodox church. Tristen Patterson, 16, who introduced himself as a pal of Pagourtzis’, said the teen had a pastime in guns and war simulation video gaming, but had never discussed killing people. One student said the shooter, who was simply over the school’s junior varsity football team, was allegedly being bullied by coaches for ‘smelling bad’. Patterson also claimed the senior high school junior didn’t show signs of bullying, but would sometimes enter the classroom ‘acting a bit down or sad. With a press conference today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the suspect used his father’s legally owned shotgun and .38-revolver, but it’s not yet determined if the father knew his son had taken them.