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Is the function of Quick Looks to inform or entertain? If to Inform – surely they should do better research, and provide more information. If to entertain – why not cut them down and edit out any parts that aren’t amusing. Even though they are the primary video uploads of GB I must admit I haven’t watched one in about a year. It depends. If it’s a big name game or when they have personal interest in, ideally they’d prep and find a few sections they want to show off. You’d then grab a QL partner that you can play off of and give the audience something that is both entertaining and informative. If it’s a “so bad, it’s good type of game” or something weird, you might just want to go in blind and produce something interesting by playing off your QL partner(s). They’ve rarely ever been about edited content in a QL unless it was due to a technical hiccup or some weird NDA restriction. The idea behind GiantBomb beyond the community driven video game wiki was to have site where the audience knew the editorial staffs personality.

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When they started, they all knew each other from their Gamespot days, played well off of each other and had a wealth of knowledge. The first few additions to the site came with extensive knowledge or the drive to research a topic before speaking on it. While I didn’t care for the mesh of Patrick’s or Austin’s personalities with the core group, they were both well spoken and knowledgeable. Dan and Jason came next with Dan having the much bigger personality and drive. Jason has always been ho-hum personality wise but he is a video guy so he was featured a lot less before Dan headed to GBEast. Now that Jason has a more prominent role, it shows his weakness a prominent personality. He’s just kind of there, if that makes sense. Not good, but not really bad either but kind of hard to play off of when collaborating with content.

I’d put Ben and Jan in that same category as well. That makes all of their collocations tough as you don’t have a dominant, outgoing personality to make most the content interesting. And really, outside of a few games, Brad’s always been pretty reserved as well. That puts the pressure on Jeff to carry content as he’s the only one with that type of personality. Vinny has the same issue on the East coast except Abby has a strong personality but isn’t very eloquent nor knowledgeable of the subject matter she covers. She’s in a tough place with her lack of experience, especially compared to the glut that her co-workers have but a little research and prep would help her overcome so much. She just always seems nervous and overly hyper. Speaking of Abby, that Nazi Zombie QL was rough. I didn’t make it very far in before shutting it off.

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Bronny James and Zaire Wade bring the curious onlookers, but they are not major factors on the team. Wade is a senior who didn’t play much in either game. Bronny is just a freshman, so it’s unfair to critique his game too much at this point. Still, he took only two shots in limited playing time on Friday, hitting a 3-pointer with under 20 seconds remaining in a 15-point win. On Saturday, he scored five points in 18 minutes. “He’s growing slowly,” Chevalier says. “We want him to do more so he can get himself ready. He’s basically a sophomore now because it’s the second half of his freshman year. Never underestimate the power of fame, however, especially in the social media age. Bronny has 4 million Instagram followers, while Zaire Wade has more than 1.5 million. Teenagers made up the majority of the Minneapolis crowds both nights; kids lined the Minnehaha sidelines Friday to shoot iPhone videos of Bronny warming up. Sierra Canyon cultivates the interest as well, including its willingness to play on TV.

Dan Margulis, ESPN senior director of programming and acquisitions, notes the Trailblazers will appear just twice on the network’s linear, or over-the-air platforms, the same as many top prep teams have done in the past. The reason, Margulis says, is because of the team’s top recruits, “not to mention the story of Zaire Wade and Bronny James. The school promotes a national brand by playing all around the country. Only one of its 16 games this season has been held in its home gym. The team put on a media day this preseason, has a media relations director and took a two-week exhibition tour of China in September. “Everything in season so far has been normal for us,” Chevalier says. “But the China trip was crazy. Every arena was full. Chevalier says all of these things are done to prepare the players for the next level, whether that be college basketball or jumping to the NBA. Boston, who moved to California from Georgia for his senior year, says the Sierra Canyon experience will get him ready for playing at Kentucky this fall as part of a loaded recruiting class. “Everywhere we go, people want pictures, they want us to sign stuff, they want us to sign their skin,” says Boston, who scored 27 points against Minnehaha after going for 21 on Friday night. “It’s fun. It’s going to help me a lot, because Kentucky has a way bigger arena than this. After Saturday night’s loss, the coaching staff huddles outside the locker room to assess what went wrong. There’s discussion about whether to let the players eat Chipotle by themselves or with the family members who have made the trip. Either way, they’ll be sequestered from fans wanting a piece of them. They return to California on Sunday for a couple games close to home. Then it’s off to a two-day showcase in Springfield, Mass., in mid-January. The show, as ever, must go on.