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Deals interiorI don’t believe he’s bullshitting anyone. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Tuesday again emphasized he will push for significant property tax and business tax cuts this season even in the facial skin of lower oil prices and scaled-back state revenue projections. “I’m not playing small ball on tax relief,” Patrick said. “That’s what individuals want us to accomplish. We have the ability to take action and we have to do it. No real surprise here. Cutting taxes as oil keeps dropping, because the hedge fund managers continue short, will IMHO function as biggest mistake this legislature makes. They’re blowing a hole within their budget how big is the Permian Basin, and earlier than later it’ll be obvious in their mind. For all your rest folks, sadly, they’ll be the final ones to learn. “Open carry is essential, but I don’t think there’s support in the Legislature to pass it,” Patrick said.

“The votes haven’t been there.” In comparison, he thinks the chances are far better for passing of a bill to permit licensed persons to transport handguns on college campuses. A campus carry bill inside the Senate already has 19 co-sponsors, enough to approve the measure. This is actually the first negative word I’ve find out about open carry. It obviously won’t ensure it is if Patrick stands against it. And just why he’d incur the wrath with the gun nuts by so openly defying them inside the session’s first weeks is, in short, puzzling. I cannot decide if that is another giant miscalculation on his part or another thing, some machination to operate a vehicle another course. For the present time I will wait and observe how this unencumbered message gets interpreted by its recipients. Vouchers, like tax cuts, contain no ambiguity. Patrick also said school choice legislation is among a small number of measures this session he will throw his weight behind due to its importance to him.

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“I really believe we shall pass a school choice bill inside the Senate and we’ve a good potential for passing it inside your home,” he said. Before, Patrick has supported a proposal to provide tax credits to businesses that donate money for scholarships to private and religious schools. The proposal would initially be targeted at lower-income students who attend public schools with low performance ratings. The lieutenant governor also joined other legislative leaders in predicting that major decisions on school finance will wait until following the Texas Supreme Court has ruled on less court decision that overturned the existing funding system. The high court isn’t likely to hear the appeal before fall, well following the current legislative session is finished. This leaves your final decision within the hands in the 85th Texas Legislature, convening in 2017. Without doubt to require lower and higher court clearance again, meaning the problem will not be settled until 2018 or ’19. Assuming the judicial branch will abide by the legislative’s fixes, needless to say. Each and every time the Lege fails on funding public education in Texas, it pushes the repairs five years in to the future. That is clearly a wonderful legacy they’re leaving the kids of Texas, isn’t it? More on Patrick’s agenda from Texas Leftist and Texas Politics, but still more on the just-released budget from Trail Blazers plus the Observer. Update: Lauren McGaughy on the Chronicle explains open carry’s dilemma, and Dan Patrick is revealed as being a flip-flopper. I still don’t quite realize why he’s against it — sometimes — when he’s said frequently he’s for this — sometimes — but that’s his tea to steep in now.

What is polymyalgia rheumatica? The easiest explanation of the disease is that it exists inside the immune system category of disorders and likely strikes people 50 years or older. It really is defined by stiffness in addition to aches, pains, and swelling of the biggest joints of your body, predominantly the shoulders, hips, and knees. The onset of symptoms is reportedly worse each day. It rarely affects anyone beneath the age of 50 and women have problems with it a lot more than men. Caucasians appear to be probably the most susceptible based on the Mayo Clinic research website. The complexities appear to be genetic plus some believe there’s an environmental trigger that’s viral – but which has not shown by yet. Some doctors believe that it is related to a problem called Giant cell arteritis, where in fact the abnormal enlargement of cells can result in a stroke or even dealt with, using the pain typically from the temples of the individual afflicted. Other areas of this disease include flu-like feelings of malaise and weakness, which Patrick discusses in great detail in his video. The outward symptoms add a low-grade fever, limited movement due to pain, tenderness within the muscles, insufficient appetite, weight reduction, and the chance of depression setting in. Experts recommend an eating plan that amps up calcium intake and includes omega-3 rich foods like fatty fish and eggs, flax seed and essential olive oil that help combat the consequences of the very most prescribed corticosteroids. Patrick also mentioned the unwanted effects of prednisone he was prescribed for his symptoms. He also revealed he could be trying an experimental treatment in NY with low-level chemotherapy to mitigate his symptoms.