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DIFFERENT from what’s on television. That pertains to both heel authority figures and extended talking segments. They did add Jim Harris as Assistant Commissioner to help keep Sean Orleans from abusing his power an excessive amount of. The table was already set with the September show(that i Can attend); that show will feature the annual King Of St. Louis Cable Tournament. Six men have qualified: Tag Team Champions A.J. Williams & Da’Marius Jones, T.V. Champion Moondog Rover, Gary Jackson, Barackus, and J-Mal Swagg. I imagine the field will undoubtedly be completed by Survivor Champion Dave Osborne and new Jr. Heavyweight Champion Everett Connors, though Andrew Wilder may be an applicant after his strong showing against Heavyweight Champ Brandon Espinosa. The Tag Title match I needed prognosticated last month found pass as Williams & Jones defended against former champions LaMarcus Clinton & Chase King(who had never lost the titles inside the ring).

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Both LMC and King had taken sabbaticals from wrestling as well as the titles just vanished from your MMWA picture; the titles were reactivated in April when Jackson Whitechapel & Sean Orleans defeated Jones & Jake Dempsey to end up being the new champions. Nice teamwork by both sides in that one. The T.V. Title match had a lot of stipulations together with being truly a championship bout; the winner qualified for King Of STL Cable AND Mephisto had to consume dog food if he lost. Mephisto went a little more aerial than usual in that one using a suicide dive and (missed) Lionsault. Gary Jackson stopped Mephisto from walking from the stipulation, so that it appears like that issue isn’t quite over. Kevin Lee Davidson’s interference on several occasions. My esteemed colleague Drew Abbenhaus said that he’d never seen a tapout from the figure-four reversal and I don’t believe I had developed either. There may be some trouble in Elitism paradise, by the battle royal. Jackson Whitechapel might be a bit sick and tired of Sean Orleans forcing him to accomplish the lion’s share of the task within their tag matches and hogging the glory by the end.

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Tag partners King and LMC got former Survivor Champ Stevie K from the match and then be dumped one immediately after another by Osborne. Laurence Johnson got J-Mal Swagg out, limited to Gelistico to send him to the ground. Gelistico before finally winning to retain his title. After Everett Connors pinned Ace Hawkins in last month’s gauntlet match, Hawkins claimed it had been a fluke and Connors could never beat him in the straight one-on-one match. Being fair, Ace have been within the ladder match with Andrew Wilder earlier in the night time and wasn’t in the very best of shape. The rookie Connors has been working a lot round the area, appearing for Dynamo Pro in addition to PWCS. The match developed pretty much and Personally, i wasn’t expecting a title change, but Connors finally hit the guillotine legdrop to score the huge upset! QUITTING following the loss. The only real match I didn’t see on YouTube was Barackus & J-Mal Swagg vs.

Swagg pinned Zulu to the win. Espy’s title with the September show when i don’t believe he’s had a one-on-one rematch since losing the title back again to Espinosa. Elitism wins it, would see your face challenge for Espinosa’s title or not? Andrew Wilder had an excellent showing against Espinosa in the primary event, but Orleans’ distraction cost him the match. Wilder is actually best for his degree of experience; it could probably do him the right to add some bulk(he was announced at 145 lbs., easily remember right) and obtain some tights/trunks rather than the baggy shorts. Posted by Patrick Brandmeyer at 9:14 AM No comments: Email ThisBlogThis! Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, & Renee Young. Tag Team Title Contenders’ Tournament: The Vaudevillains(“The Artiste” Aiden English & Simon Gotch) d. Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey when English pinned Rawley after THAT IS CLEARLY A Wrap(Gotch Regal Roll accompanied by English second-rope swanton bomb) (3:07). Dempsey fired up Mojo following the match and dropped him together with the Bulldozer(Northern Lights Bomb).

Tag Team Title Contenders’ Tournament: Sin Cara & Kalisto d. Backstage: Veronica Lane interviewed The Legionnaires(Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis); they weren’t happy about being excluded in the tournament and planned to remove it on Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady. Adrian Neville d. Tyler Breeze by DQ to wthhold the NXT Title; Tyson Kidd arrived to see the match, but Neville took him out which has a superkick when he made his solution to ringside. Neville got involved also it converted into a three-way fight until Kidd and Breeze redoubled up on Neville. Sami Zayn finally made the save and cleared the ring of Breeze and Kidd. Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz. Low-Ki won a six-way dance with Homicide, D.J. Shiima Xion, Manik, Tigre Uno, and Crazzy Steve. Tigre Uno pinned Steve following the Sabretooth Splash(moonsault-into-450 Splash). Manik pinned Tigre following the Puma Crush(double-chickenwing dropped right into a lungblower). Xion rolled up Manik with feet over the ropes for the 3rd elimination.