Colin Cowherd Crushing Dan Patrick, Dan LeBatard With New FS1 Gig

Colin Cowherd is currently over per month into his new FOX Sports 1 simulcast and, up to now, the ratings show it to become an overwhelming success. Based on the Big Lead, the former ESPN host is crushing his competitors Dan Patrick and Dan LeBatard in it ratings, making the move ahead the section of FOX to obtain the oft-controversial host appear to be an excellent decision so far. As of the initial month, Colin has taken in an impressive 105,000 viewers in comparison to Dan Patrick’s 52,000 and Dan LeBatard’s 43,000. Needless to say, that figure isn’t a primary comparison as Patrick’s show airs from 9 a.m. 12 p.m. EST, whereas LeBatard’s show airs from 10 a.m. 1 p.m. EST and Cowherd from 12 p.m. 3 p.m. EST. But there’s some overlap between commentators over the board, plus the figures speak for themselves. As reported by the Inquisitr, FOX took a large gamble to create Colin Cowherd in to the fold if they announced his deal on the summer. Actually, right before he was set to leave ESPN, Cowherd was booted prematurely for controversial comments made about Dominicans when addressing the complexity of baseball versus football.

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“Like it’s impossible? The overall game is too complex? ” Cowherd pondered during his final week at ESPN. “Like I’ve never bought into that baseball is too complex. Those comments angered many in both baseball and Hispanic communities alike, which needed an apology from Colin (that he obliged). But considering his show averaged over 2.5 million viewers per month before the proceed to FOX which Cowherd was recently named among the Hollywood Reporter’s Ten MOST EFFECTIVE Voices in Sports Media today, the gamble has effectively paid for FOX up to now. Needless to say, not many people are pleased with the “new” Colin Cowherd simulcast on the Herd. Forbes listed the most notable 3 Most Glaring Issues with the show, focusing mainly on Kristine Leahy, the newest addition to the broadcast. “The thing that is added is that of a co-host. I’m talking, needless to say, about Kristine Leahy, someone you may even know because the host of American Ninja Warrior.

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However, on FS1, she’s been relegated to nodding along awkwardly during Cowherd diatribes, hosting brief quiz games just like the weekly “Hunch or Lunch” segment and interjecting, that is as rare like a J.R. This article continued, questioning why FOX even bothered to get a talent like Kristine’s should they weren’t ready to make her more an integral part of the show, instead forcing her into “sports talk purgatory” at this time. “Externally, ‘The Herd’ appears like it really wants to nurture discussion between Cowherd and Leahy-something that hopefully will come in time. However, instead we end up receiving 30 seconds of Leahy Watch. Another complaint, this time around created by Awful Announcing, is the fact Colin is really stealing bits from his competitors. “Last month, Colin Cowherd came under fire for ripping off Ryen Russillo’s ‘You played, I didn’t’ segment on Fox NFL Kickoff. The website compared a recently available Cowherd segment into a previous Dan Patrick segment, and both are, actually, extremely similar. Needless to say, similarities in radio segments could possibly be explained. And Cowherd isn’t short on fresh takes in the sports industry, which means this might be an incident of haters attempting to hate.

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