But Since He Won That Race

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Four years ago, Dan Patrick promised he would “cut property taxes for all Texans” if he were elected lieutenant governor. But since he won that race, property taxes for most Texans have continued to increase as Patrick’s attempts to institute reforms have failed to become law or have not produced substantial savings for homeowners. Now those misfires are central to Democrat Mike Collier’s campaign against Patrick. Collier, an accountant from Kingwood, has said Patrick not only has failed to reduce taxes, but has made decisions as the leader of the Texas Senate that have led local school districts to raise property taxes even more. “Dan Patrick has failed to resolve the property tax problem,” Collier said. Patrick’s campaign says he fulfilled his promise by passing reforms in 2015 that increased homestead exemptions from $15,000 to $25,000. There would be bigger breaks too, says Patrick’s staff, but the Texas House has impeded his efforts. Patrick declined interview requests for this story. With the Texas Legislature guaranteed to have a new House Speaker next year because San Antonio Republican Joe Straus decided not to run for re-election, Patrick, 68, sees a better chance to get more done on property taxes, said Allen Blakemore, Patrick’s chief campaign strategist. Past political office: None, ran for state comptroller in 2014 and lost. “He is confident that the next House Speaker will not block property tax reform,” Blakemore said. Jason Embry, a spokesman for Straus, shot back: “Texans should know that the reason why they haven’t seen property-tax relief is because Dan Patrick refuses to invest in public schools.

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But Since He Won That RaceThats a huge part of what makes them a team no one wants to face in the playoffs. The Chiefs run defense forced the Chargers to change their game plan after the first quarter. That statement may sound ludicrous, but its absolutely true. The Chargers attempted to pound the football up the middle early on, running the ball between the tackles five times as they attempted to take advantage of Kansas Citys supposed weakness up the middle. The problem for them is that those five runs netted a mere 13 yards, or 2.6 yards per carry, and 10 of those yards came on a 3rd-and-20 draw play in which the Chiefs welcomed the run up the middle. So the numbers on carries where it actually mattered were 4 carries for 3 yards. Defensive tackles Derrick Nnadi, Chris Jones, Mike Pennel and Khalen Saunders have quietly emerged as a group that is solid against the run. The addition of Pennel and Saunders development has given the Chiefs multiple big, strong bodies to throw at interior offensive lines, and teams just arent able to generate movement at the point of attack like they once were. Additionally, Spagnuolo has taken advantage of Jones ability to penetrate against the run by having him often attack gaps rather than trying to control them. The Chiefs are still ranked quite low in run defense efficiency (28th in the league), but as of late, teams that wanted to “establish the run” — not a term I favor, but that discussion can be for another day — have found themselves unable to do so. Its one more piece that appears to be falling into place at the right time, though the real test will be against teams such as the Titans or the Ravens in the playoffs. As things stand, the Chiefs look as ready to contend as theyve been in my many years analyzing them.

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This debate was very similar to the immigration debate between Dan Patrick and Julian Castro in 2014. Like Castro, Bobby Francis came out strong. He was high energy (more on that below). Like Patrick, Cruz took some time to get going. But, also like Patrick, by the fifteen minute mark, Cruz was firmly in control and he never relinquished it. Also like Castro: By the end of the debate, Bobby Francis was reduced to spouting the same three talking points. Speaking of Bobby Francis: Was he on amphetamines? Whatever the reason, his initial burst of energy turned into a bizarre type of hyperactivity. What was up with his hands? Immigration: Cruz supports securing the border and coming up with a more rational system of legal. Bobby Francis’ for straight-up amnesty. The only thing stupider than discussing the NFL protests in the first place was Bobby Francis comparing them to Selma.

Health Care: It’s not a secret that we wish Cruz would discuss this topic more. Cruz listed good principles, though we still wish he would put together his own comprehensive plan. Bobby Francis, by contrast, supports socialized medicine. 2A: Cruz badly exposed Bobby Francis ignorance about firearms. Bobby Francis called AR-15’s “weapons of war.” It only takes 10 seconds on Wikipedia. That being said, when Bobby Francis says “I support the second amendment,” he’s lying. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Criminal Justice: This was the most interesting section of the debate. It’s not a secret that this author’s views on criminal justice don’t line up neatly with any faction. That being said, Cruz was absolutely correct when he pointed out that hateful, over the top, anti-police rhetoric leads to things like the Dallas shooting. Bobby Francis’ obsession with turing everything into a racial issue was sad. Best thing from @BetoORourke tonight that you dont see from enough politicians: his consistent condemnation of anti-black racism in this country. Bobby Francis denigrates prayer. Economy: ‘Bout dadgum time they got to this. Note: More of this please! NOT. A. SINGLE. DAMN.

Jeff Darlington isn’t backing off his Tom Brady report. In fact, he’s ready to put his money where his reporting is. The ESPN reporter made headlines Thursday morning with his comments about the New England Patriots quarterback who is about to enter free agency for the first time in his NFL career. Brady, Darlington reported Thursday, fully intends to test the waters and is likely to leave Foxboro for a new franchise. In fact, Darlington said on ESPN’s “Get Up” he’d be “stunned” if Brady was back with the Patriots for the 2020 season. Darlington made another media appearance Friday, this one on “The Dan Patrick Show,” where he added a little more oomph to his report. “I’m pretty dialed into the Tom Brady world and all things there and have my contacts within that world. Certainly, when I’m saying something, I’m not saying it light-hearted or a rumor I heard at the combine,” he said.