Partner Of Cop Who Shot Female Officer Is Pictured For The First Time

This may be the first picture in the cop who allegedly witnessed the shocking on-duty game of Russian Roulette that cost Officer Katlyn Alix her life. Patrick Riordan insists he tried to avoid his partner Nathaniel Hendren playing the deadly game with Alix because the three met up at Hendren’s apartment. However the 29-year-old remains on paid administrative leave as his part inside the encounter in St. Louis is probed. Riordan is pictured graduating from the St. Louis Police Academy in April 2017, exactly the same year that both Alix and Hendren also graduated. Alix graduated at an identical ceremony in January and Hendren passed through in November. Patrick Riordan (center) allegedly witnessed partner Nathaniel Hendren and fellow officer Katlyn Alix play the deadly game of Russian roulette that cost Alix her life. Officer Nathaniel Hendren, 29, continues to be charged with involuntary manslaughter in Alix’s (right) shooting death. Riordan and Hendren, also 29, were working in early stages January 24 if they drove to Hendren’s home inside the Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis to meet with Alix, who married another officer just 90 days earlier. These were said to be patrolling within an area 10 miles from Hendren’s home.

Within one hour Alix was dead from the gunshot towards the chest, allegedly shot by Hendren in the twisted game of Russian roulette. Both male officers rushed her to Saint Louis University Hospital where she died. Hendren happens to be under house arrest after posting $10,000 – ten percent of his $100,000 bail -and is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action. His partner is not charged within the criminal courts but both he and Hendren face internal disciplinary action for allegedly drinking working. Riordan’s lawyer, James Towey said that his client ‘blew all zeroes’ after having ‘a few sips of any beer’ while at Hendren’s house. He poured the others out in a drain, leaving the can with the sink, and that needs to be confirmed by crime scene photos,’ Towey said. Hendren allegedly took out a revolver and placed one bullet in its chamber.

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He fired at Alix but nothing happened, she pointed the gun at him and again it didn’t set off. Then Hendren took the gun again which time it fired, hitting Alix within the chest. Riordan says he previously told another two cops they ought to not be using a gun and says he was walking out the entranceway when he heard the gun fire. Riordan was area of the 2016-03 class of this St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Riordan is not charged inside the criminal courts but both he and Hendren face internal disciplinary action for allegedly drinking working. Hendren appeared in court on Thursday inside a tracksuit. He said nothing as he left the court, KMOV4 reported. He stayed silent in a very video taken after he was charged with involuntary manslaughter on the death of 24-year-old Katlyn Alix, KMOV4 reports. Pictures show the authorities officer includes a black eye, which he could be said to ‘ve got headbutting a police vehicle soon after the shooting, in accordance with reports.

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