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KSEV (700 kHz) is really a commercial AM radio station, licensed to Tomball, Texas, and serving Greater Houston. It broadcasts a talk radio format and is also owned by Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. The studios and offices are on Katy Freeway in Houston. The transmitter is off FM 2978 in Magnolia, Texas. AM 700 is really a clear-channel frequency reserved for WLW in Cincinnati, a Class A, 50,000 watt station. While KSEV operates at 15,000 watts by day, it must reduce power during the night to 3,000 watts in order to avoid interference. You can find only eleven other stations in america which broadcast on 700 kHz. On weekdays, KSEV features local hosts in morning and afternoon drive times, with paid brokered programming in middays and syndicated conservative talk shows heard all of those other day. Hosts include Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Ben Shapiro, Joe Walsh, Dana Loesch, Red Eye Radio and First Light. On weekends, KSEV carries programs about money, health, property, cars and gardening, a few of which can be brokered programming. Most hours start out with world and national news from Townhall Radio.

KTBT. Sunbelt changed the decision sign to KSEV and switched the format to conservative talk.

The station’s primary competitors are two more developed talk stations, both owned by iHeartMedia, AM 740 KTRH and AM 950 KPRC, in addition to Salem Media talk radio outlet AM 1070 KNTH. On December 1, 1986, the station first signed on as KTBT. It had been owned by Duncan Broadcasting and aired a middle of the street (MOR) music format. Initially, the energy was 2,500 watts by day and 1,000 watts during the night. Howard Sellers acquired the station in September 1989. He kept the format as MOR. Sellers sold the station the next month. In October 1989, the station changed owners again, as Sunbelt Broadcasting bought the station for only $47,164. Sunbelt’s president and owner was Dan Patrick, who was simply already hosting a show on KTBT. Sunbelt changed the decision sign to KSEV and switched the format to conservative talk. The station became an NBC Radio Network affiliate and in addition got a lift in capacity to 25,000 watts inside the daytime, 1,000 watts during the night. Patrick not merely ran the station but continued among the talk show hosts. Also in 1989, KSEV acquired the Houston-area rights to perform the nationally syndicated Rush Limbaugh Show, while Limbaugh was relatively unknown. In April that year, LA Kings hockey games were aired; it ended in June 1993. Dallas Stars took over inside the fall that year. In 1995, KSEV was acquired by San Antonio-based Clear Channel Communications. The format remained talk and Patrick stayed on as Vice President and General Manager. The station changed hands again in 2001, as Clear Channel sold KSEV to Liberman Broadcasting, located in Southern California. Despite the fact that Lieberman usually programs Spanish-language formats, KSEV remained a conservative talk station in English. Patrick remained KSEV’s vice president, running the station by way of a local marketing agreement (LMA). Patrick later bought the station from Lieberman.

A spokesperson for Premiere declined to comment.

The Dan Patrick Show announced today that, along with running go on YouTube, this program will stay airing on Fox Sports Radio together with Premiere Networks and iHeartRadio. THE BEST Lead has learned from the source with understanding of the news that this Rich Eisen Show won’t remain together with the networks. A spokesperson for Premiere declined to comment. Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen were in similar situations where their shows originated via AT&T’s DirecTV, which announced that it’s repurposing the Audience Network to be always a promotional vehicle for HBO Max, the streaming service the business is launching in-may. While Patrick struck a deal for his popular show to stay where it really is around the terrestrial radio side, Eisen wants a fresh home. His show concluded on Audience Network the other day, and you will be finished on radio on April 7th. It really is unclear at the moment if the next audio home for his show will undoubtedly be on radio or via podcast.

Gregory: “Will there be any other indicate that you would desire to draw my attention?

With early voting under way, David Dewhurst really wants to capitalize on Dan Patrick’s mental health troubles while keeping his distance. Inside the 1892 short story “Silver Blaze,” Sherlock Holmes spends a lot of his time in the question of what one dog didn’t do while a murder occurred. Gregory: “Will there be any other indicate that you would desire to draw my attention? Inside the GOP’s increasingly cutthroat lieutenant governor primary, recent events have focused attention on another dirty nighttime deed-and the question of whether Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst barked. News broke last Friday nights some remarkably dirty campaigning by Dewhurst campaign-or at least by its allies-and it’s not yet determined yet whether Dewhurst will benefit or have problems with the incident. That could be determined by the veracity of Dewhurst’s denials of involvement within the release of Sen. Dan Patrick’s mental health records. Last Thursday, Land Commissioner-and defeated lite guv candidate-Jerry Patterson continued his frenzied campaign to destroy Patrick by sending the press documents that detailed Patrick’s treatment for depression within the 1980s. The documents were associated with a 1987 lawsuit where Patrick sued a Houston Post gossip columnist for libel.

As area of the lawsuit, Patrick gave a deposition about his past mental health treatment. The deposition is at the general public record, but its mere emergence was enough to trouble some observers, who don’t see its relevance to some 2014 campaign. But on Friday, Patterson doubled down in a fairly extreme way. Late in your day, he sent around a fresh raft of documents that detailed, in uncomfortable detail, a suicide attempt Patrick manufactured in the 1980s-and included notes from his doctors during treatment. Some media outlets declined to report the brand new information, but Quorum Report summarized the brand new information and released it around 9 p.m. For many individuals, the discharge of 30-year-old medical records detailing a person’s suicide attempt is off-limits, even yet in the context of the campaign which has defied logic and decency in innumerable ways. Austin King, the president in the Texas Medical Association, called it a “moral issue” that needs to be “out of bounds.” Therefore the question naturally became: Was Dewhurst involved?