Game Show Follies: What, Me Retire?

Just about everybody in show biz has had a turn as Alex Trebek’s rumored heir, after the 74-year-old quizmeister retires. Dan Patrick, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Pat Sajak, Barack Obama… I’m type of kidding about this last one. Anyhoo, it is possible to set aside the Ouija boards for the present time. Alex just re-upped for at the very least three more seasons, although 2017-18 year. Pat and Vanna may also be onboard through 2017-18, this means they’ll watch the minimum for the bonus round gradually creep up or more. Eventually Alex will most likely step down. The guy does turn 78 in 2018, and also Bob Barker only kept going until age 83. Pat and Vanna are comparative youngsters, but there have been several rumbles about their eventual replacements, too. We’ll all need to rumble about another thing for some time. The shows remain solid. They both just completed successful February sweeps, with improved ratings from the prior year. This makes me wonder just how long Steve Harvey might stay at Feud. A decade? Two decades? The guy’s only 58, in the end. UPDATE: Got a partial answer on Feud. The show’s twitter feed says Steve Harvey is signed for another five years. That’ll make ten and counting.

It’s impossible to copy somebody like him. He’ll treat the groundsman equally well as he’ll treat his star centre-forward. Bruce spoke to Ferguson recently when his old boss congratulated him on Hull’s promotion towards the Premier League but there is no talk of retirement. I simply spoke to him a few days ago. There is no hint of anything about retirement,’ he said. 12.50pm Meanwhile at Old Trafford today, this supporter was almost in circumstances of mourning. 12.45pm Twitter reporting that at its peak (9.34am today) there have been 13,000 tweets one minute on the main topics Ferguson. 12.42pm Sportsmail is increasingly hearing that David Moyes will undoubtedly be Manchester United’s new manager. It might be an excellent move with the 50-year-old Scot, that has been at Everton for 11 years and contains waited incredibly patiently for his big move. 12.37pm Speaking on MUTV, United leader David Gill says: ‘It is really a new era and I anticipate watching an effective Manchester United team over the pitch.

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It is really a momentous day for that club, the fans and the complete football world. We knew today would come and we’ve been finding your way through this. The board will need council from Sir Alex and Sir Bobby (Charlton) on new appointment. 12.36pm Olympic sprint champion and Man Untied fan Usain Bolt has had to Twitter to include his appreciation and an image in the pair together. Tennis star Rafa Nadal said: ‘A great career fighting for that team! 12.35pm In light of the morning’s events, it really is interesting to think about those programme notes by Ferguson in the weekend. ‘I don’t have any plans at this time to leave from what I really believe will undoubtedly be something special and worth being around to find out,’ he said. ‘It’s always difficult in football for being absolutely sure into the future as the game includes a habit of tripping you up, but I don’t reside in a fantasy world and believe we’ve every reason to feel confident concerning the future of Manchester United. 12.29pm The League Managers Association (LMA) added its congratulations.

LMA chairman Howard Wilkinson said: ‘Today’s news draws to a detailed the career of a guy including a manager, famous brands which we shall never see again. His public face was always that of the best professional using a fierce pride and determination to accomplish the most effective for his club. His frighteningly competitive nature hasn’t nor ever will undoubtedly be equalled. He could be the epitome of the mantra ‘Survive, Win, Succeed’. But, in private, with those he trusted, he was the most effective type of friend you can ever want. To state his presence around the bench will undoubtedly be sorely missed by no means begins to spell it out the massive hole he’ll leave behind. Richard Bevan, leader on the LMA, paid tribute to Ferguson’s work with his fellow managers. His input being an executive board member and trustee have been invaluable within the development of the LMA. Meanwhile, listed below are leading pages out of this afternoon’s Manchester Evening News and London Evening Standard newspapers. 5′ were Graham, Dalglish, Kendall and Pleat. Those four clubs experienced 33 since.