Scott Pitoniak: June 2020

So JoePa wish to see either Syracuse or Rutgers join the best 10 therefore the league could have a stronger presence within the metropolitan NY area. I’ve an improved suggestion. Get Penn State, Syracuse, Rutgers, Connecticut, Boston College, Pitt, West Virginia, Villanova, Louisville, Maryland and Notre Dame to reprise the old East Indies. Yes, I realize ND is in the Midwest, but because when have sports conferences or divisions ever concerned about geographic or mathematical distinctions for example. In the end, doesn’t the best 10 have 11 schools? And aren’t the Dallas Cowboys within the NFC East? THE TOP East is a superb basketball conference, but it’s become much too big with 16 teams. And it’s really football conference is up-and-down. Mostly down last season. Interestingly, Penn State originally would become a part of the best East, but that idea fell apart, partly, due to the stubbornness of Joe Paterno and SU athletic director Jake Crouthamel. JoePa wanted SU and Pitt to experience two football games at Happy Valley for each one the Nittany Lions played within the Carrier Dome along with the Iron City.

SU repsonded by demanding an identical arrangement in basketball, with Penn State arriving at those places twice for each one stop by at Central Pa. The talks broke off, as well as the schools went their separate ways. I believe that new Big East – with the help of Notre Dame – will be a powerhouse both in football and basketball, including a stronger overall conference compared to the current Way-Too-Big-East. My longtime friend and newspaper colleague, Bob Matthews, and I’ve long disagreed concerning the dimensions at Frontier Field. He loves home runs and really wants to start to see the Rochester Red Wings move around in the fences. I really like home runs, too, but baseball has made way too many parks into phone booths, hence cheapening the worthiness from the homer. So, I’ve resisted shortening Frontier. But, inside the spirit of compromise, I’m ready to meet Bob halfway. You will want to test out some stands inside the Bermuda Triangle area close to the leftfield bullpen? Put some special, premium seats on the market for any season, if the amount of dingers to left-center increases.

Intense At&t Sportsnet Dan Patrick Show – Blessing Or A Curse

I just don’t desire to see Frontier become Coors Field or the brand new Yankee Stadium, where banjo-hitters can check their swings but still find yourself putting the ball in to the right-field seats. I’m rooting for Stan Van Gundy, the rotund, every-guy coach, to beat the slick, Armani-suited Phil Jackson inside the NBA finals. Yes, I’m being provincial, because I got eventually to know the Van Gundy family throughout their Brockport days. But I also believe Stan is really a basketball-lifer who deserves this, especially after Pat Riley jettisoned him when he realized Van Gundy had the Miami Heat situated to win the NBA championship a couple of years ago. Riley took over and got another ring – a ring that Van Gundy deserved to win. I’m sure, somewhere up above, the fantastic Red Auerbach is pulling for Stan because four LA Lakers’ victories in these finals contrary to the Orlando Magic would give Jackson an archive 10th NBA title, breaking Red’s record. IndyCar racer Danica Patrick may be the latest athlete to stick her foot in her mouth. She insisted she was joking when she told Sports Illustrated’s Dan Patrick (no relation) that using performance-enhancing drugs would only be cheating if she got caught. Travis Tygart in the U.S. Well, then it isn’t cheating, could it be? If nobody realizes? Yeah, it might be like getting a gray area. In motorsports, we work in the gray areas a whole lot. Danica later said her answers were a tale and she apologized should they found differently.

There was nothing to cover up! 1/20/2017 – Signed a Memorandum to avoid a final minute FHA rate cut of 1/4 point set up by outgoing President Obama. 1/23/2017 – Signed a Memorandum freezing all regulations pending review by Department heads. 1/23/2017 – Signed a Memorandum to withdraw through the Trans-Pacific Partnership with the expectation to create bi-lateral handles individual nations. That opens an enormous void which China will probably fill. Economist also predict this move will decelerate America’s economic growth. 1/23/2017 – Signed a Memorandum that reinstates the Mexico City Abortion Rule developed by President Reagan in 1985. This policy denies USAID funds for just about any foreign nation project which includes money for counselling women or accomplishing abortions. Presidents Reagan, H.W. Bush, and W. Bush promoted this rule. Presidents Clinton and Obama rescinded it. 1/23/017 – Apparently ordered EPA to cut grants. 1/24/2017 – Signed several Memorandum to restart the Keystone XL and Dakota oil pipelines.