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How low can the lite guv race go? Pretty damn low. Yesterday evening, leaked papers associated with a 25-year-old lawsuit filed by state Sen. Dan Patrick revealed a fresh element of Patrick’s biography: In the first 1980s, Patrick was identified as having depression, and took medicine to handle it. Why do we realize this? In 1987, Patrick sued a Houston Post columnist for libel. In 1989, the defendant’s lawyer squeezed information from Patrick about his mental medical issues in a deposition. Some of this depo was recently leaked to several major state media outlets. The lawyer’s fascination with Patrick’s depression-it doesn’t appear to have much regarding the situation, which involved an altercation at among Patrick’s sports bars-seems for being primarily to paint him being an unreliable nut who shouldn’t be trusted with anything. That appears like a somewhat archaic view of mental medical issues, but it’s just what the leaker of the papers is suggesting a quarter-century later. Who leaked the deposition?

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Patrick’s runoff opponent, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was the natural target for suspicion, needless to say, however the San Antonio Express-News revealed it-and everyone else-had gotten the documents from Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Patterson ran in the initial leg of the principal and contains lately been waging their own quixotic jihad against Patrick. He’s ostensibly by himself, but lately, Patterson’s been collaborating while using Dewhurst campaign and cutting ads, making him a de facto Dewhurst campaign surrogate. As well as the Texas Tribune reported Friday that Dewhurst’s campaign could be more mixed up in leak than that they had previously admitted. Patterson, a Vietnam-vet Marine who’s interested in honor and truth-telling, has made waves within the runoff by alleging Patrick was a draft-dodger (Patrick says he previously a medical deferment) and today leaking information he obtained about Patrick’s mental health treatment three decades ago (and attempting to take action anonymously). Maybe he feels as though he’s dishing out what he got from Patrick in the first area of the primary, but it’s wii look.

Will it hurt Patrick, or does it backfire on Dewhurst? Prematurily . to inform. Dewhurst partisans have already been eagerly harping in the “Dan Patrick is nuts” line, but Dewhurst himself issued a statement where he shed a few of the most transparently fabricated crocodile tears ever: “My heart is out to Dan Patrick and his family for what they’ve endured while dealing with his condition.” Even though Dewhurst didn’t leak the papers directly, he runs the chance to be penalized for a high ally’s usage of the campaign exact carbon copy of a nut-shot in boxing. Meanwhile, the pushback from Patrick and his supporters continues to be robust. Patrick’s right-hand man, Allen Blakemore, released a statement with liberal usage of exclamation points: “That is outrageous! Dewhurst had already flattened, and now he’s got found a fresh low! He’s got no honor, and knows no shame! And three Republican senators that are also medical practitioners-Sen. Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown), Sen.

Bob Deuell (R-Greenville), and Sen. An individual attack of the kind sinks to a unprecedented low, shamelessly wanting to embarrass Dan Patrick for seeking the correct medical care to take care of a bout with depression that occurred almost 30 years back. Based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 10 American adults have problems with some type of depression within their lifetime… “We sincerely hope David Dewhurst isn’t in charge of this sleazy attack.” the joint statement continues. It’s good to discover Patrick supporters-and Republican state senators-speaking out concerning the stigma of mental illness, plus the unfairness of the being an attack line inside a campaign. But also for those folks with memories that reach back again to November, it’s a little odd, due to what many conservatives in hawaii were saying about state Sen. In 1996, Davis sued the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for defamation, after she lost an election.