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AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Monday night that he’s “not living in fear” of the novel coronavirus pandemic and is “all in” on lifting social distancing guidelines recommended by public health experts in order to help the economy. Patrick, who said he turns 70 next week, would be among the high-risk population that is most affected by the coronavirus. But he said people like him have to weigh the hazards to their personal health that the virus poses with the challenges to health of the American economy brought on by social distancing guidelines. Patrick told Fox News. The suggestion directly contradicts recommendations put forth by government agencies and public health experts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been urging “social distancing” — defined as “remaining out of places where people meet or gather” and “avoiding local public transportation” — even if you don’t have any symptoms of the virus as a way to slow the spread of the disease. The CDC has recommended that no gatherings of 50 or more people take place for eight weeks and adults 65 and over stay home, if possible. The CDC reports that 8 in 10 coronavirus deaths reported in the US are among adults 65 years old and older. State health officials on Monday reported more than 100 coronavirus-related deaths in a single day for the first time since the outbreak, according to a tally from CNN, surpassing 500 total deaths nationwide. Still, Patrick’s comments echo a growing desire among some Republicans — including President Donald Trump — to ease guidelines that have shuttered businesses and kept workers at home. President said during a Monday evening briefing at the White House, even as he acknowledged the effects of coronavirus are likely to worsen.

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When they are not attacking us in media or the public forum of the internet, they will carry out the ghastliest deeds in person. They will attack us where we live. 1 out of every 5 LGBT person in this country will sufferer physical violence, 80 percent of these people will be people of color. When they succeed, they will count you among the long list of victims from Isla Nettles to Marc Carson, dating back or Matthew Shepherd or to the young child who’s name I write to, Larry King. And no matter how despicable or unprovoked the details of your death may be, they will gloat as you die, hiding behind “God’s will,” as Pat Robertson and Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick did just hours after the news broke of the shooting in Orlando. Dan Patrick implied God’s Will was done as 49 innocent people; mothers, children, brothers and sisters, lay dead and dying on the dance floor at Pulse. Even in death, they will take actions to see that you and your humanity are erased. If not in these blatant and disgusting ways, they will use their systematic expulsion of your beauty and complexity that exists in the society all around you. The long assault on you, is begun in the earliest days of childhood, when “boys do this” and “girls do this,” and anyone stepping outside these bounds is wrong; leading further on to the threats of being “man enough” or “ladylike” that continue to haunt us into adulthood. And if they cannot accomplish these denials themselves, they will hand their children their own prejudice, passing to them the tools for your torture and undoing. You’ll be harassed in your schools, ridiculed beyond the point of degradation and driven as is too often the case to the brink of death. It certainly was for Tyler Clementi, Jadin Bell and Kenneth Weishuhn just to name a few.

The Dan sports radio universes intersected Friday, with Dan Patrick calling in to The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz and the result being broadcast live on both shows. This is bizarre, but entertaining, which could summarize most of the work of Le Batard and Stugotz. This all apparently started with Stugotz mocking Patrick Thursday for having Ferrera on, which led to the shows setting this up. And the back-and-forth here starts with Stugotz mocking Patrick’s Danette staff for booking Ferrara and wondering what he’d done since Entourage (as per Wikipedia, he’s been on Power and Shooter, so, fair point, Stugotz), then blaming executive producer Paul “Paulie” Pabst for that booking and saying director of operations Patrick “Seton” O’Connor should “save Paulie from Paulie.” Stugotz goes on to discuss a basketball game between the shows’ staffs, and says Patrick is claiming Reggie Miller as a Danette, with Le Batard saying “Are you one of those steroid guys, Patrick? Reggie Miller’s steroids, PEDS! You need that to beat us?