Dewhurst Has Hit A Brand New Low

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Dan Patrick, the front-runner in what is a brutal GOP runoff for Texas Lieutenant Governor, spent amount of time in psychiatric hospitals within the 1980s, in accordance with court public records released to ABC-13. Patrick’s campaign late Thursday confirmed he “sought medical assistance to greatly help him deal with mild depression and exhaustion.” The campaign also accused Patrick’s opponent inside the runoff, incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to be behind the discharge with the records. Dewhurst has hit a “new low,” Patrick said, responding within a statement released late Friday. The info about Patrick’s medical past was unearthed within a 1989 deposition from when Patrick, a former Houston sportscaster and restaurant owner, was suing a columnist for your now-closed newspaper, the Houston Post. Patrick said within a statement late Friday. 1980s,” Kramer wrote in a very 2011 letter. “He entered a healthcare facility over a voluntary basis for the treating depression. Dewhurst has asked me to cease distribution of the information,” said Patterson. “He also asked me never to run against him for Lt. Gov. I didn’t really provide a damn what David wanted then, and I don’t provide a damn now. The general public response have been overwhelming,” Patrick said. “Dewhurst have been roundly criticized from all corners. Alternatively, I’ve received a flood of new support and encouragement – much from those Texans who’ve experienced depression or had it touch their own families or family members.

On the weekend, he forced out Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

In some ways, Texans are watching Patrick’s political evolution, said University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus. But with an abrupt shake-up inside the Trump-controlled Department of Homeland Security, Patrick’s appearance on Wednesday also appeared as if an audition for just a border security post using the federal agency. Just 90 days ago – when he skipped the initial day in the 86th Legislative Session to advise the White House on border security – Patrick was shooting down rumors he was angling for employment inside the Trump administration. “I’m not going anywhere,” Patrick said then. He was unavailable for touch upon Wednesday, as lawmakers in Austin speculated across the same lines again. During the last week, Trump continues to be overhauling his administration’s immigration leadership. On the weekend, he forced out Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Other personnel changes could possibly be coming in addition to White House officials have said they’re making method for a far more aggressive immigration effort.

Meanwhile, Democrats have characterized the surge of migrant families in the border as the burgeoning humanitarian crisis, disputing Trump’s assertion that hordes of immigrants are invading the united states. They state Trump has exacerbated the problem by aggressively detaining migrants caught entering the U.S. Trump have not said who’ll replace Nielsen and didn’t say anything on Wednesday in either San Antonio or Houston to suggest Patrick is at the mix. “I don’t think he’s auditioning for this,” said Matt Mackowiak, a Republican political consultant located in Austin and chairman of this Travis County Republican Party. The other day, Patrick pushed the Senate to aid an answer defending Trump’s border positions and calling the problem on the border an emergency. Then Patrick made a flurry of media appearances on Fox News over four days, appearing with Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and on the air with Brian Kilmeade. In each appearance, Patrick blasted Democrats in Congress to be “deceivers” or “deniers” of an emergency for the border.

And finally on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence touted Patrick’s grasp of border security and credited Patrick with trying to explain to him how for each “dangerous criminal, illegal immigrant” the Border Patrol apprehends, numerous others complete. Patrick followed Pence’s comments by saying rather than 11 million immigrants in the united kingdom illegally, he projects it really is probably nearer to 30 million. “Well, thanks for the commitment with this,” Pence told Patrick following the two toured a Homeland Security Investigations facility in Houston. Mackowiak said even though Patrick isn’t joining the administration formally, this week he’s helping present a tougher front around the immigration situation, which Patrick has studied. He said across the remaining southern border, Trump doesn’t have numerous others he can consider politically that may make the case like Patrick. The political leadership in places like California and New Mexico is dominated by Democrats, and in Arizona, leaders don’t have exactly the same sort of bullhorn that Patrick wields. While there could be a temptation for Patrick to become listed on the Trump Administration, one veteran Texas political observer says he’d be crazy to accomplish it.

“I believe he’d need to have his head examined if he’d actually think about doing that,” said SMU political science professor Cal Jillson. He said what Trump wants his immigration advisers to pursue a path which will be blocked by Congress or the courts. In January, Trump is at McAllen with Patrick ending up in U.S. Border Patrol agents. And in February he was in El Paso, also with Patrick readily available, to carry a rally miles from Texas border with Mexico to tout the necessity for creating a border wall. During his stops on Wednesday, Trump managed to get clear border security is central to his re-election in 2020 whichever Democrat emerges to adopt him on. He said Democrats will face consequences next year with the ballot box for not doing more to fight illegal immigration. “I believe they will pay an extremely big price in 2020,” Trump said on the Argyle in San Antonio. “I believe the border is likely to be an unbelievable issue.